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OG Kush Strain Review – OG Simply Means Ocean Grown

OG Kush Strain Review: OG stands for Ocean Grown

This OG Kush strain review will explain why this strain is so hugely popular, and what are the roots to its overwhelming potency and strong genetics.

OG Kush has been a household name in the world of cannabis for the last 20 years.

Ever since Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album, California has been on the lookout for ‘that loud’ weed. Sometime in the mid-’90s, OG Kush made its way to the underground scene.

There are two stories about how OG Kush first came about. The first story says that a breeder claimed he found the seed in a bag of Chemdawg 91 in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996.

The other one says that a grower from Florida crossed a male cross of Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush with a female Chemdawg.

For a while, OG Kush was a clone-only strain as seeds weren’t available. Growers used to hand out cuttings to other growers in order to keep the strain alive.

However, the strain didn’t need to be kept alive, it needed to be mass-produced. People loved it.

Quickly after, medical cannabis got legalized in California and the medical community accepted it.

Researchers, breeders, and many other scientists worked on replicating and improving OG Kush. Today we have many Kush strains that are stemming from the same OG Kush genetics.

As for its name, many assume it may mean Original Gangster or Original Kush due to its Cali roots. However, the breeder himself claimed to have named it Ocean Grown Kush, or OG for short.

Visual aesthetics

OG Kush buds are very thick and dense. They grow almost everywhere on the plant.

They are very green with lots of orange hairs. OG Kush tends to have a lot of resin, so you should be seeing it stick on your fingers when handling the buds.

og kush strain review buds

While growing it, OG Kush will have lots of buds appearing everywhere on the plant. The plant is short and bushy with big colas sticking out of the canopy like a porcupine.

OG Kush buds are very sticky and fat so you’ll definitely want to use a grinder.

Aroma & Taste

OG Kush is known as one of the skunkiest, smelliest strains that are out there. Rappers like Snoop Dogg and his peers have been praising this strain for many years.

Users tend to describe the taste and smell of OG Kush as a very pungent, almost as if a skunk sprayed nearby. This is not a bad thing in the world of weed.

It also smells somewhat piney with a hint of lemon on the way out of your lungs, which is not something you can say for every strain.


OG Kush is widely available. This strain has made users fall in love with it over and over again, and the retailers and local black market dealers have noted that.

OG Kush gave way for many other Kush strains to break out and make a name for themselves.

In Canada, OG Kush isn’t very popular amongst the licensed producers. However, its offspring is grabbing major attention.

As for the United States, OG Kush is popular on the West Coast way more than anywhere else.


OG Kush is renowned for its strong cerebral effects. It makes the user extremely relaxed and relieves users of stress and depression.

Effects of OG Kush are long-lasting as this very potent hybrid is known for the longevity of its high. In high doses it causes serious dryness in the mouth and eyes.

It can also induce mild paranoia to users that are not accustomed to high amounts of THC and low levels of CBD.

Seeing how it comes at an average of 18% of THC, OG Kush is somewhat less potent than many of the strains that came from its genetics.

Flowering time and yield

OG kush strain growing indoor

OG Kush is known for being relatively hard to grow, especially for first-timers.

It flowers for about 8 weeks, although there are now versions of OG Kush out there that flower longer than that, even up to 10 weeks.

OG Kush has good genetics as far as yield and temperatures go, but it’s not very resistant to bud rot and mildew.

Seeing how the canopy can often grow quite bushy, you will need to trim OG Kush plants hard and often. If the leaves throw shade on the buds, bud rot is known to appear in mere days.

OG Kush is best grown in temperatures ranging between 18°C and 25°C (65°F to 80°F) and you should make sure the area isn’t humid.

It grows well in both soil and water, however, hydroponic OG Kush tends to have much higher amounts of THC, and it’s somewhat easier to control the conditions of the grow op.

OG Kush plants require heavy feeding, especially with CalMag, aside from other nutrients.

The yield is above average, although not the biggest out there — 400-500 grams per plant, or 1.6 ounces per square foot.

Applying a SOG and SCROG is strongly advised as all the flowers will need exposure to light so that they may yield more. OG Kush Strain Review is meant for marijuana enthusiasts to read and get enlightenment on this special strain.

Given that OG Kush can be very leafy, you must vigorously trim the leaves from the stem during harvest. Otherwise, they might introduce too much moisture into your drying room.

What Is Kush Cannabis? Get To Know Why It Is So Popular

What Is Kush Cannabis and Why Is It So Popular?

You may have heard Kush being mentioned in many popular hip-hop songs. Here is all you need to know about it.

Hindu Kush is one of the most potent landrace strains you can stumble upon these days.

This species historically grew only in the Hindu Kush mountain range, located on the border of three central Asian countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

The Himalayan slopes gave birth to this strain, which over time brought us many other strains that inherited a part of its name—Kush.

What does the slang word “kush” mean?

In the last decade or so, the word Kush became a symbol for premium cannabis strains. For example, high quality street weed is often called kush among users.

Most people engaged in the black market bought weed from street dealers, and every time they would raise the price the same question would arise:

“Is it kush?!”

Kush became the go-to term for high-quality cannabis in the United States, quickly replacing its contemporaries.

What is Kush?

Kush is primarily a Cannabis indica strain, which has risen in popularity in the last decade, and played a pivotal role in creating dozens of modern day hybrid strains.

You will rarely see a Kush strain that is a purebred Sativa, however, this can occur with proper growing conditions, combined with relentless cross-breeding.

When Kush is grown under specific conditions, its unique phenotypes come out in a different light. Kush plants are known to evolve and acclimate in order to survive.

Nowadays Kush is grown all around the world, but its tough Himalayan genetics endured and continues to follow the strain giving it both durability and potency.

You might even hear people saying that Kush is a lost strain and that its precise genetics are unknown.

This is most likely true, however we have the next best thing—OG Kush, also known as Ocean Grown Kush.

The rise of OG Kush

OG Kush first appeared in California during the ‘90s, right around the time Dr. Dre dropped his “The Chronic” album which took the cannabis community by storm.

There are two stories that explain its mysterious genetics.

The first one is that a breeder claimed to have gotten the seed from a bag of Chemdawg 91 strain, in the Lake Tahoe area in 1996.

The other tale goes that it was brought to Cali from Florida, by a grower who now operates a company known as Imperial Genetics.

According to him, the parents of this strain were a male cross of Lemon Thai and Old World Paki Kush, and a female Chemdawg plant.

Unfortunately, OG Kush is a clone-only strain and at that time you couldn’t just plant a seed of this strain. Instead you’d have to get ahold of a cutting from an existing plant.

There is a lot of confusion about the origin of the name, and what OG exactly stands for. Seeing how it was bred in California, many users thought it meant Original Gangster, or just Original Kush.

However, the truth is this:

One time, the grower who first bred OG Kush in California was asked by a consumer whether it was mountain grown, complimenting the quality of his buds.

The grower answered that question with a simple “this kush is ocean grown bro”. The rest is history.

Quickly after that, cuttings of various OG Kush plants started making rounds around in Los Angeles and the rest of California. Those cuttings made way for a bunch of new, closely-related strains.

The strains that came from these plants all gained popularity, and developed into Cannabis Cup winners themselves, such as Bubba Kush, West Coast Dog, Larry OG, Tahoe OG Kush, Triple OG, Ghost OG, Diablo OG and so forth.

What does the Kush high feel like?

Kush strains are known to have the utmost relaxing effect, all the while making the user giggly and joyous. These traits aren’t common among the different cannabis strains that came from Kush.

Kush strains that have strong ties to their Indica roots are very hard to come by these days, as the cannabis community moved towards growing highly-resistant hybrids.

However, those that still grow Kush with a higher indica presence are known to produce flowers with potent cerebral effects that “tranquilize” the user, and these buds are frequently recommended as a way to battle insomnia.

Popular Kush strains

There are more than 100 strains that contain the word Kush in their name, and many more that came into existence by cross-breeding kush strains with other strains.

As previously mentioned, landrace Hindu Kush is known for its resilience and the ability to grow just about anywhere. This useful trait made Hindu Kush one of the most sought-after strains by growers and breeders.

Before I list my favorite Kush strains, here’s a quick explanation about the way I listed them: There are overwhelmingly more hybrid and indica Kush strains than sativa Kush strains.

Also, most of the Kush strains aren’t pure indicas and sativas, but rather hybrids whose one trait is more dominant than the other.

With that in mind here are my picks of some of the best Kush strains, in three separate categories:

Most popular indica-dominant Kush strains:

  • Kosher Kush
  • Bubba Kush
  • Critical Kush
  • Afghan Kush
  • Platinum Kush
  • Hindu Kush
  • Super Kush
  • Sin City Kush
  • Alien Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Purple OG Kush
  • Master Kush

Most popular hybrid Kush strains:

  • OG Kush
  • Pink Kush
  • Lemon OG Kush
  • Cali Kush
  • Royal Kush
  • Mango Kush
  • Pineapple Kush
  • Holy Grail Kush
  • Big Kush

Most popular sativa-dominant Kush strains:

  • Mickey Kush
  • Silver Kush
  • Quantum Kush
  • Heisenberg Kush

What is the best Kush strain?

OG Kush is widely viewed as the best Kush strain because of its legacy, however it’s somewhat difficult to classify one strain as an absolute best, mostly because each crop varies in quality and cannabinoid and terpene levels.

Since there are so many Kush varieties out there I really doubt that anyone tried all of them (and stayed sober enough) to objectively determine which one is the finest.

There are also many variations of a more-or-less same strain.

Seeing how OG Kush was originally a clone-only strain, growers named clones of different potency different names.

This leads to confusion, because at one point you might have smoked the exact same weed from two different growers, as they were marketed by two completely different names.

If you define the best strain as “the one with the highest level of THC” then the Oscar goes to Ghost OG.

This strain is without a doubt the strongest Kush variety, at least according to Washington State I-502 data.

In that testing sample, Ghost OG, which is a cutting from the original OG Kush mother stock, consistently came at a colossal 28.7% THC content.

On the same test, OG Kush results came in significantly lower, averaging at around 19.4% THC content.

In a study conducted by Nick Jikomes and Michael Zoorob, the two scientists found that OG Kush isn’t topping its competitors, at least as far as THC levels go.

Kush Cannabis

In their study, Gorilla Glue #4 (now usually known as Original Glue) came in first place with an average of 21% THC.

The two researchers rounded up the study with a conclusion that there’s still a lot of test result manipulation going on and that retailers often display cannabinoid levels much higher than they are.

With that in mind, THC levels should not determine which Kush strain is the best, because the delicate balance of both minor cannabinoids and terpenes also plays a very important role in the effects of each particular strain.

There is much more to a strain than just numbers on a piece of paper.

Og Kush Strain Review (Top Best Cannabis Strain 2019)

Viewed as the structural backbone (and/or founding father) of many first-rate West Coast cannabis strains, OG Kush has been one of the most popular types of bud available on the legal market in recent years.

And although it possesses a name that’s nearly as popular as Pineapple Express or White Widow, the origins of this intriguing cannabis strain still largely remain a mystery.

| With little known about the genetics or ancestral lineage of OG Kush weed, the mystical appeal of this is beloved phenotype has only been heightened.

Fortunately, lack of understanding about this flower has not taken away from the strain’s out-of-this-world medicinal potential.

Furthermore, not only is OG Kush weed delicious, earthy, and aromatic, but it’s cannabinoid profile has led to the expression of numerous additional OG phenotypes – helping spawn other legendary strains that have gone on to become favorites of patients and stoners alike.

Even to this day, there are new relatives of OG Kush cannabis being developed by “420 geneticists” – presumably because the strain boasts a potent high, tasty flavor, and a long list of medicinal benefits. In fact, marijuana geneticists simply cannot get over the top-shelf quality of OG Kush-based cannabis strains, and it seems that their customers can’t either…

[Keep reading our up-to-date OG Kush marijuana strain review for everything you need to know about this iconic West Coast classic…]

What Is OG Kush Cannabis?

OG Kush Marijuana Strain

Providing the foundational backbone of multiple world-famous cannabis strains, OG Kush is considered a legend for revolutionizing the marijuana industry – as well as rising to its current status as a one of the most popular contemporary MMJ strains.

Most experts classify the OG Kush strain as a hybrid, although little is actually known about its true genetic origins (rumors claim the strain may be a blend between parent plants Chemdawg and Hindu Kush).

These rumors have of course never been confirmed, but the origins of OG Kush don’t seem to matter as the effect it has had on the world of cannabis are truly conclusive. In fact, a multitude of subsequent phenotypes have been bred from OG Kush, the majority of them gaining immense popularity among both the medical and recreational markets.

DID YOU KNOW: OG Kush has been used to spawn other iconic phenotypes like Tahoe OG, Fire OG, and Double OG?


Of course, one of the main reasons why OG Kush has been used extensively in cannabis genetics breeding is due to the strain’s high-THC potency – which seems to assist many consumers with a variety of medical issues.

With THC levels routinely registering in the 20-27% range, for instance, the punch that OG Kush packs is especially powerful — truly a power hitter for anyone who consumes it.

Although world-known, OG Kush seems to primarily be consumed throughout California, Colorado, and the Pacific Northwest – so if you want to try a dank batch of this heady cannabis strain, perhaps look to those regions for high-quality specimens.

OG Kush Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of stuffing your nose in a jar of top-shelf OG Kush, you’ll know that the nuggets have one of the freshest scents that nature can produce – intensely reminiscent of being lost within a dank, old growth forest.

The strain’s aroma is woodsy, piney and earthy all at once, immediately hitting your taste buds with a spunky, rabbit-like jab. Moreover, its flavor can surprise even the most jaded of self-proclaimed stoners, with none-too-subtle undertones of lime, lemon, and spice – as well as faint hints of citrusy splash.

Appearance-wise, most would probably agree that OG Kush has a fairly “traditional cannabis” look, as it features the classic yellow-green sugar leaf color with orange pistils and green, sometimes sage-shaded water leaves.

The buds are densely coated with crystalline trichomes, which makes perfect sense when considering the OG Kush strain’s heavy THC content. In fact, more than one noob has probably mistaken the trich-laden nuggets for mold, and heartbreakingly tossed out some of the best weed they would have ever had the pleasure of smoking.

OG Kush Cannabis Grow Info

OG Kush Macro

Cannabis cultivators typically find that growing OG Kush is an extremely beneficial ploy — especially for their wallets. The buds are almost always sold in dispensaries as top-shelf cannabis, not only because they’re dank as hell, but also because they provide a host of potential health benefits.

| If you are entering the business of marijuana cultivation, OG Kush is no doubt a staple strain that you’ll have to learn to master.

High-grade OG Kush nuggets maintain an absurdly high demand among some of the most reputable dispensaries in the country, and of course, recreational cannabis shops love the stuff as both tourists and repeat customers keep it flying off the shelves.

OG Kush can be an especially challenging crop to grow, however, so it is vital to closely monitor and watch the environment and climate that your plants are growing in. The strain is known for being susceptible to a few issues that can arise when growing cannabis, including powdery mildew, bugs, mites and other diseases. With regular care and monitoring of conditions, however, you should be able to keep your OGK reefer crops in check.

If you are embarking on the sometimes rigorous journey that is attached to growing OG Kush weed, here are some facts that you oughta know before you get started…

  • OG Kush has an 8-9 week flowering period | This is pretty average in comparison to other strains; indoors is the most suitable location for growing OG Kush, but make sure to keep your environment and climate extremely controlled.
  • Hydroponics work efficiently | However, other indoor growing methods are also possible when growing OG Kush.
  • Growing OG Kush outdoors can be a complete P.I.T.A. | If you are taking on the task of growing OG Kush outdoors, make sure 100% that you are in the correct climate. This strain grows primarily in Southern California, so you will want to have weather conditions that are more or less identical; preferably a hot and tropical climate with plenty of water – and most importantly, regular full sun.
  • OG Kush can provide a pretty gnarly payday | If all goes well during the grow process (and that’s a big ‘if’), you can expect around 14-18 ounces of cannabis per plant when grown outdoors, or approximately 16-18 ounces of marijuana per meter squared when grown indoors. This yield is a generous one, considered above average in comparison to other cannabis strains.

If you are deciding to grow OG Kush weed, we recommend the task be tackled by those looking to become professional marijuana growers. For the amount of work, there isn’t a huge incentive for at-home consumers to grow this strain for personal use — unless of course you’re up for a hell of a challenge.

Plenty of other cannabis strains are much simpler to cultivate at-home with little experience, for example Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies, just to name a couple. That said, never let a good challenge keep you from doing something you want – with the proper care and preparation, you can now doubt grow OG Kush and produce a healthy, uber-potent yield.

OG Kush Review: Mind + Body Effects

Staying true to its hybrid classification, OG Kush weed is especially balanced with a high that really does provide the best of both worlds.

| With a vibrant mix of genetic traits, OG Kush typically tests in with a 55% sativa and 45% indica profile.

After consuming OG Kush, expect strong euphoria and intense cerebral effects to settle in, often followed by mild to strong couch-lock. Remember, OG Kush is considered one of the most uplifting strains out there, as it provides consumers with a wonderful amalgamation of body-melting euphoria and a calm, tranquil state of mind.

Potential Medical Benefits of OG Kush Weed

OG Kush Top View

Frequently consumed by MMJ patients for psychological disorders and chronic pain alike, OG Kush is a supremely healing strain of cannabis that has surprised the medical marijuana world with its ability to assist with so many ailments.

In fact, its potent therapeutic benefits are surely one of the main reasons for OGK’s massive growth in popularity over the last half-decade. More and more individuals are discovering that they prefer consuming this strain rather than a full-blown indica, or better yet, rather than prescription medications that are so often attached with nasty, life-altering side effects.

| Those handling stress, depression and insomnia have discovered that OG Kush can be particularly therapeutic.

OGK can also provide practical relief from patients experiencing severe and chronic pain, as the strains robust cannabinoid profile truly helps to relax and numb the sore spots, as well as reduce inflammation and lower neuropathic discomfort.

If you are using OG Kush for stress, depression, anxiety, or any other mental affliction, most would recommend only smoking a mild amount of OG Kush, or eating a low-dose edible. This is because over-consumption of THC while handling a mental disorder can actually do more harm than good, at least in terms of the onset of anxiety and paranoia. Know your limits, and stay within those boundaries.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with insomnia or lack of sleep, consuming a higher dose of the OG Kush strain may be of greater benefit. This will help to attack the issue head on, while more or less eliminating the possibility of missing out on whole-plant benefits. In order to achieve a higher dose, you might want to look for a full-spectrum edible, concentrate, or other consumable form of the strain.

Possible Side Effects of OG Kush Weed

The best way to avoid any possible side effects from OG Kush is to use precaution if you are sensitive to THC. Know your limits, and be ultra careful if you’re prone to THC-induced anxiety or paranoia.

And of course, consumers also frequently report dry mouth and dry eyes as a common side effect when trying out OG Kush weed, but don’t sweat this minor inconvenience as it’s easily avoidable by drinking hydrating liquids – and using moisturizing eye drops – as necessary.

Additionally, some individuals have experienced mild paranoia after consuming the OG Kush strain, but remembering that your high will pass and maintaining slow, deep, steady breaths can assist with keeping your head clear if you are going through any negative thought patterns. Meditation and deep relaxation techniques can also be of useful guidance when overcome with the dark magic of “THC overdose.”

Final Thoughts: OG Kush Strain Review

We hope that you found this OG Kush review to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative. OG Kush is certainly a heavy hitter in the worlds of both recreational and medical weed consumption, and if you’ve never tried it before, you’ve got to make it a priority.

The strain should be pretty easily accessible if you live in a “weed friendly” state like Colorado, California, or Washington, and as for those who live in other parts of the U.S., the glorious high of OG Kush should certainly be put on your cannabis bucket list as you travel the country looking for the perfect high.

If you have any additional thoughts, questions, or concerns about this OG Kush strain review, be sure to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, and stay healthy friends!

Og Kush Hybrid – Top Weed Strain With Very Distinct Aroma


OG Kush Hybrid is a super-potent variety of medical-grade Cannabis with very distinct aroma, appearance and long-lasting psychoactive and physiological effects.

OG Kush is a mostly Cannabis Sativa hybrid, clone-only cultivar found widely in Greater Los Angeles (Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties), California, USA. The species is rumored to be another name for the legendary Chemdog (a.k.a. “Chemdawg” or “Chem”) cultivar of Colorado/Wyoming, USA.

Og Kush Hybrid

In this widespread rumor, a ‘cutting’ (clone) of the “’91 Chemdog” made its way to Lake Tahoe, California early in the 1990’s and that OG Kush is an ‘S1’ (1st generation offspring of a self-pollinated hermaphrodite) of this crop but it is only privately available in clone form and not in seed. Although not a “Kush,” OG Kush Hybrid does possess some Indica (Cannabis Sativa, Supspecies Indica) traits and it is rumored that it may have some Kush bred in its genetic heritage.

However, it is mostly a Sativa in both phenotype and psychoactive effects when consumed. Some have described its effects as both cerebrally and physically stimulating and it’s smell as “lemony pine-sol.” The mature flowers usually appear as large and dense, lime-green clusters covered with copious amounts of “white” resin. It has sold on average for $75.00 USD for 1/8 ounce in most areas of Greater Los Angeles in 2007/2008.

How to Be a Marijuana Dealer – Starting Up

Buy Marijuana

I have been smoking marijuana for the better part of two decades. Ninjasmoker and Travis have also been consuming marijuana for a long, long time. Buy Marijuana online here. Naturally, we have come across several types of marijuana dealers; some good, and some bad. This article is intended for entertainment purposes and who knows, maybe people will learn some tricks and tips that might educate them a bit.

This article (the first of a three part series) is about selling marijuana the old fashioned way. If you live in a state that has dispensaries or collectives, then you might not relate to this article anymore, but it is still worth reading to reminisce about the good old days. For the vast majority of Americans, who live in non-medical marijuana dispensary states, buying/selling marijuana on the down low is the only option. I know dozens of active sellers in my part of America, and talk to hundreds of others online, and I have compiled a guide to help others in the industry. Load up your bong and let’s get to it.

A major item that any marijuana dealer needs is a scale. I remember in the early 90’s when a ‘digi’ would cost over $100. In 2010, they are all over the State of Oregon for $40 these days, and if you go online, they are even cheaper. Buy Marijuana online at our cannabis store. My personal favorite brand is Ohaus, which is a higher end model. But the main thing to get is one with a 0.0 reading, brand can be secondary. You will be weighing out 3.5 gram increments, so the scale obviously has to be able to display a reading that includes tenths. Make sure to check that it works before you buy it (which is impossible online) if you can. Use nickels, which weight 5 grams, or if you’re lucky, your scale comes with a calibration weight. Make sure to be comfortable with your purchase because your scale will be a significant part of your life for the years to come.

Another thing that you will need is a cell phone. We no longer live in the era of pagers and answering machines. If lag too long, your customer will go elsewhere. You will be looking at your phone screen more than your own face from now on, so you might as well get something that suits yourself. There used to be a day when people thought cell phones and pagers were for drug dealers and doctors only. Now, I even see bums with cell phones.

An obvious item that you will need are start up funds. The most common entry level into the marijuana industry is the half ounce. It breaks into 4 eighths, or 8 dubs depending on where you’re at, and so flipping the first 3/4ths of it usually results in a free eighth as the seller. One lesson that every successful dealer learns early is that ‘the larger the bank roll, the better it is for business.’ The more you can buy, the cheaper it is, the longer you can sit on it, the longer you can float it out, and therefore, the easier it is to do business. One of my dealers would always refer to his enterprise as a machine, and that money was lube for that machine. Makes sense.

Of course, if you have a really good friend that is in the hustle, they might be willing to ‘float’ you some product on credit. I would personally advise against this if at all possible. Buy Marijuana online from the best weed store online. You never know how people are going to be until you actually owe them the money — will they be understanding, harassing, ball busting…you never know until it actually comes time. I have begrudgingly taken floats in the past from people that said ‘no problem,’ just to have them calling me for the money the same day with some chaotic excuse. I like to be the guy that buys my herb straight up, and I think it would be optimal if everyone out there did the same on the seller end. You can never predict when shit will hit the fan, and the more people you owe at the time, the lamer it is.

Buy MarijuanaYou will also need baggies. If you are successful, then you will need lots of baggies. Back in the day Glad made the sweetest fold top bags. They were strong, weighed 1.4 grams exactly, and they were the best. They must have discontinued them because I don’t see them anymore. In fact, I barely see any fold top bags anymore. They are always the ‘push seal’ kind. I don’t the sandwich industry knew about the transition, but I guarantee stoners across America did! I remember one guy that had a bunch of Christmas themed sandwich bags, to where he didn’t use them all in the holiday season. It would be mid July and I’d be getting my herb in a Frosty the Snowman baggie. Buy Marijuana online in a classic way with discreet and worldwide door step delivery service.

Finding Customers is the backbone of your business. You can have all the hooks in the world, and a huge stack of funds, etc, but if you don’t have people physically purchasing from you on a regular basis, you are going to slowly deplete your funds. I knew so many people in Oregon that ran into a huge stack of cash (usually an inheritance), went balls out and bought a huge pile of reefer, then realized they had no one to sell it to.

So how do you get more customers? It really depends on how much risk you are willing to take and what the demographic situation is in your area. The absolute best way is to either be on a college campus, or be working at the right place. Fortunately for TWB readers, we have previously covered both topics. Click here if you want to find out which jobs are stoner friendly, and click here if you want to know which college campuses are the most stoner friendly. You want to find the right balance between loyal, trustworthy customers that will buy a lot of marijuana, and not selling to too many people, which can cause you to get jacked or busted.

How do you find new hook ups? Some things to remember when you are purchasing larger amounts than personal use; never settle for a bad hook up, realize that finding bulk sellers is much harder the higher you go up the chain, and try to get as close to the source as possible. Buy Marijuana online here and get special discounts on every first order. For that last tip, remember that you can buy direct from the grower, but most growers don’t have it all the time. You want to diversify your hook ups, until you find one superb hook up. Then ride the train for all it’s worth! The more loyal you are to that one super hook up, the more loyal they will be in return. I know marijuana dealers that have been going through the same single hook up for well over a decade. If it isn’t broke, why fix it, right?

I previously mentioned that buying a half ounce and breaking it up is the most common entry point to the marijuana industry. However, there are rare occasions that might result in selling more than that. This can be due to your place in society for instance. Buy Marijuana online from the best marijuana store online. This is common when you are from the West Coast. You might have never sold before, but you have a friend move back East. Inevitably, they want some of the West Coast Chronic because there isn’t any where they live now. So you start running bulk orders. This is a good point to discuss selling style — Bulk vs. Breaking it Down.

Buy Marijuana OnlineThe fastest way to make money selling marijuana is to sell it in bulk. If you know someone that wants pounds, and you can make hundreds of dollars off of each pound, well it doesn’t take a genius to figure out you can make a killing in just one run. When you sell in bulk, you make more money in that one transaction. However, with the increased profits, there is also an increased risk. The higher the possession amount, the higher the penalty. Another problem with buying in bulk is availability. Say you buy a quarter pound at a time, and finding four different ounces on the regular is fairly easy to do. Now, say that you are trying to buy five pounds, like you usually do. If your main guy is out, then you are pretty much out too. Buy Marijuana online  here. The last thing that you want to do is go out into the unknown and try to get it from a new, random source. That’s how people get jacked or busted!

Now, compare selling in bulk with selling it by breaking it down. Finding a 3000 dollar pound is easy on the West Coast, and if you can break that down into eighths and half ounces, you make a ton of money. In the aggregate, you make far more money off of that pound than had you sold it in bulk. Also, you have the added benefit of not having as much on you. When you are going to deliver an eighth or half ounce, you are under the limit in most jurisdictions for trafficking. Buy Marijuana online here. However, there is an increased risk due to the fact that you have increased exposure on the streets. When you sell in bulk, you are selling to one or two people, doing one transaction ‘every so often.’ When you sell it by breaking it down, you are completing dozens, if not hundreds of transactions in order to get rid of the weight, and meeting people all of the time. A benefit, however, is that when you buy it in smaller increments, it is easier to find. I know 100 people at any given time that have an ounce to sell. However, I only know a few people that can get huge bags of it on a moments notice…I know people that are firm believers in both styles of marijuana sales, bulk or breaking it down, and clearly there are benefits and drawbacks to both.

Setting a selling price is crucial to your business, and it can vary from customer to customer. Let’s face it; some people are savvier than others. You should never rip anyone off, but realize that there are some rookies that will pay more than veterans. There’s a famous quote that I always tell people, ‘You can sheer a sheep many times, but you can only skin them once.’ Meaning, sure you can make a bunch of money off a person in one transaction, but you can make far more in the long run if you give them a decent deal, and they give you all of their business and keep coming back to buy more. Buy Marijuana online  here. Selling marijuana in this regard is like any other thing in economics — find the price where supply meets demand and you will do good business. Click here for a great article about marijuana prices.

One thing that you will run into (guaranteed) when you start selling is the ‘buddy hook up.’ Whether it’s your best friend, or your relative, or even your spouse, you will run into times that they want the hook up, and since they know you so well, they want a deal. When you encounter this, you have to handle it with care. Remember — FELONIES ARE NOT FOR FREE. You shouldn’t be hooking people up for free, not even your inner circle. There is a lot of risk involved, so make sure that you are compensated accordingly. By no means am I saying that you need to tax the S out of your buddies, but make sure that they at least smoke you out or hook you up with a sandwich or something. And if it’s a reoccurring thing, found some equal ground. Buy Marijuana online  here. Explain to them that you want to make it work for everyone, so ‘let’s figure out a price that will make everyone happy.’ Remember, a happy customer and a happy seller will do business forever; it’s when the deal gets shifted in favor of either side that people usually look for other hooks/customers.

Another thing that you will run into is the ‘harassing customer.’ Anyone who has sold knows this guy — he calls every 2 minutes, sends texts every minute, and has even been known to show up unannounced in person. These types of customers can break the will of even the most seasoned veteran. I understand that people have to sell to these customers out of necessity, but if you can, avoid these people at all costs. My friend’s mom put it best, ‘They want what you have. If they need it so bad, they will wait for your time to free up. If not, than clearly they didn’t need it so badly.’ Find a good balance of customers that are mellow, and appreciate your services.

Karma is a big force in the marijuana industry. If you are a jacker or welcher, then chances are people won’t deal with you. If you are straight up, and play by the unspoken rules, people will clamor for your business. There are a lot of growers and bulk sellers out there, and they are always looking for solid customers to join their team. Buy Marijuana online  here.

You will know that you have become a successful marijuana salesman when you have gotten past ‘the hump.’ This is a term that my friend and I used when we were growing up. The general evolution for a marijuana seller is typically as follows: you start out just wanting free weed. ‘If I could just smoke my brains out for free, I would be happy’ is what you tell yourself. Then there comes a point where you are making so much profit, and hooking up so often, that you couldn’t smoke all your profit even if you tried (which chances are, you have tried hard!). That, my friends, is ‘the hump’ that I am referring to. Once a seller crosses this point in their career, they will probably last awhile and always hustle in some form, or at least try to.

Finally, here are a few things that you DON’T NEED if you are trying to become a successful marijuana dealer:

Random, Useless Possessions — I understand that running into a new stack of cash is exciting, but blowing all of your profit on stuff is a bad idea for several reasons. First, like I previously discussed, cash is a high commodity in the hustle. Buy Marijuana online from the best marijuana online store. The more money you have, the more you can buy, etc. If you blow all of your bank roll on a new car or whatever, you won’t be able to continue making money like you have been (not to mention it brings attention when you are constantly spending money, yet work at a fast food place or have no job).

Guns — Law enforcement looks at marijuana and guns as the worst combination (not sure why), so if you can avoid having a gun where you do business, that is a good idea. Plus, if you feel the need to carry a gun around because you sell marijuana, than you are obviously dealing with the wrong crowd of customers!

High Profile — The expression ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’ is a common phrase uttered amongst marijuana dealers. Yes, you are making a lot of money selling marijuana, and yes, many people think that is cool…However, sitting in a jail cell, or getting a jacker’s gun pointed at your face is not cool, and should be avoided at all costs. Buy Marijuana online from the best marijuana online store. The best way to ensure this is maintaining a low profile. Know when to have fun, and know when to be conservative. DRUG HABITS AND ALCOHOLISM ARE A PLAGUE, AND WILL RUIN YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE QUICKNESS!!

I encourage others to add tricks and tips to this article in the comments section. Look for the second installment of this series — ‘How to Be a Marijuana Dealer — Growing Your Business’ in the upcoming days…

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