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Purchase Real Marijuana Online at the best online weed shop! We invite anybody 21+ to make a trip and have a unique Cannabis involvement with us.

If you’re looking to buy weed online we offer new products every day. From exotic flowers to innovative and high potency extracts, THC cartridges, distillates. we house one of the widest selections of cannabis in America and Canada and all at very affordable pricing.

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All of our flowers and extracts are represented by independent growers & brands to ensure your purchase is never jeopardized and our product quality stays consistent every time it arrives at your door. Today, we’re proudly serving Americans from coast to coast with the ability to buy weed online in all the major cities and rural town. The “MARIJUANA ONLINE STORE” name covers all  the corners of our great nation. Our goal is to stand for something more than a product that bears a name. We support the Micro-cannabis movement and independent growers all over the world where perfecting the art of cannabis has been a part of the people for decades.

Our focus is to support the best weed in Canada/USA to allow our members direct access to a wide-variety of premium strains to order cannabis flowers online. We have worked hard to establish relationship with the best growers that pride themselves on the product they produce. We source some of best cannabis the world has ever seen. We focus on growers that grow sustainable Cannabis without the use of pesticides or fungicides, health is important to us and Cannabis is a medicine. You’ll find the original real cannabis A+ grade strains from Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, Diesels, Kushs and Hazes that you can order online any day of the week. With discreet non descriptive packaging and express 2 business days Canada/USA post shipping you can be sure your Cannabis will arrive safely and on time.

Each week, we’re either restocking from our exclusive strains or we’ll bring in some new treats for the community to try. Our sources stay consistent, no bait and switch takes place here, two OG Kush strains from different growers can offer your very different effects – just like fine wine. You’ll notice at “Marijuana Online Store” we may carry two of the same strains and that is because they come from two different growers, which will in turn offer you a different product.