The speed of change is throwing traditional business methods into question and disrupting the relevance of entire industries. The marijuana delivery service arena is large

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Galadriel N

Galadriel N

Sales & Marketing

Galadriel has been with us since she was born, she's our daughter. She grew up on our farm, started her family, then put herself through school showing her determination & resolve. Galadriel's fun disposition keeps everyone happy here. She does sales & marketing with DJ & Josh. Her constant happiness reminds us everyday how Blessed we are to have her here still loving to work.

Kirk Deo

Kirk Deo

Garden Expert

"DJ" has brought together an exceptional team of friends & family to tend the grow. His long time relationships with crew members is proving to be a huge benefit to the spirit, quality, and efficiency of our operations. DJ has been in this area all his life and places his greatest emphasis on production of quality product with attention to detail on every aspect of the grow indoor & out.

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